MUSC Health Stadium will open its gates for a viewing of the solar eclipse set to reach Charleston in the two o’clock hour on August 21st, 2017.  

Dubbed The Great American Eclipse, the total solar eclipse will follow a narrow path across the United States. The moon will completely block out the sun for observers in 12 states from Oregon to South Carolina. Charleston will be one of the last places the eclipse is viewable in the United States.

“When an eclipse happens, due to the geometry between the Sun-Earth-Moon system, not every place will be in the path of totality,” said Cynthia Hall, the Director of Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math. “Charleston falls into that path for the Solar Eclipse happening on August 21. The closer an area is to the center point of the path swath, the longer period of totality that area will experience. Daniel Island and MUSC Health Stadium happen to be closer to the center point of that swath, allowing for about 2 minutes of totality.”

While eclipses occur fairly regularly, total solar eclipses are rare. This year’s will be the first to cross a large portion of the United States since 1979 and the first coast-to-coast eclipse since 1918. The U.S. won’t see another total solar eclipse until April 8, 2024.

Enthusiasm is high and excitement is continuing to build for the event. Lika Guhathakurta, lead scientist for NASA’s Living With a Star program said this eclipse is “going to be the most observed, most filmed and photographed, most studied and documented, and, probably, the most appreciated of all eclipses in human history.”

MUSC Health Stadium will host an all-day event culminating with the eclipse around 2:30 pm on August 21st. Gates will open at 11:00 am. The event will include astronomy related activities, a science-based kids zone, local food, drinks and entertainment, and more. A full schedule and event details will be released as the date approaches. Follow MUSC Health Stadium on Facebook for more information.

Admission is $8 for adults. The event is free for children 12 and under, military personnel, and first responders. Solar eclipse glasses are included in every ticket.

Tickets can be purchased online at bsportsent.com or at the gate the day of the event.

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